NRG Therapeutics is leveraging breakthrough science in the field of mitochondrial biology to identify new therapeutic targets to treat neurodegenerative disorders.

We are developing novel, drug-like ‘second generation’ mitochondrial permeability transition pore (mPTP) inhibitors and have discovered the first orally bioavailable and brain-penetrant mPTP inhibitors. These inhibitors prevent the pathological effects of misfolded TDP-43 and α-synuclein, two toxic proteins that cause the degeneration of motor neurones and dopaminergic neurones in ALS and Parkinson’s respectively. The company benefits from the drug discovery and neuroscience expertise and insights, and biotech experience of its founders, its dedicated management team, and world-leading scientific and drug development collaborators.

The mPTP is a key driver of disease pathology in Parkinson’s and ALS
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Inhibition of the mPTP prevents the aberrant release of mitochondrial DNA, a novel pathogenic pathway recently discovered to activate the innate immune system in ALS1.

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Inhibition of the mPTP prevents the activation of mitochondrial mediated cell death by toxic forms of α-synuclein2.

1. TDP-43 Triggers Mitochondrial DNA Release via mPTP to Activate cGAS/STING in ALS: Yu et al, 2020, Cell 183, 636–649
2. α-synuclein oligomers interact with ATP synthase and open the permeability transition pore in Parkinson’s disease: Ludtmann et al, 2018, Nature Communications, 9, 1-16


The mPTP has been shown to play a key pathological role in the neurodegeneration associated with Parkinson’s and ALS.

The company’s pre-clinical pipeline includes multiple chemical series of small molecule inhibitors, with first-in-class potential, which inhibit the mPTP through a novel mechanism of action. 

A pipeline of assets with first-in-class potential being developed for Parkinson’s and ALS
Pipeline Diagram

We aim to progress our small molecule assets with best-in-class potential through completion of GLP toxicology to the point of IND-submisison for clinical development and commercialization by global pharma partners.

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